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The JSLP pays tribute to Dr. Julian Samora and other mid-20th century Latino/Latina social justice activists. In 1953, Julian Samora was the first Mexican American to earn a PhD in Sociology. Along with Dr. Ernesto Galarza and Herman Gallegos, he co-founded the National Council of La Raza, now called UnidosUS.

Julian Samora Papers

The Julian Samora papers are available online. Most of the scholarly papers from the Julian Samora Archive, housed at the Benson Latin American Collection at the University of Texas, Austin, are scanned and available to be searched. Visit “Search the Archives” and investigate them.

Narrativas de Nuevo Mexico

In the summer of 2011, we held an event, Narrativas de Nuevo Mexico. Explore Narrativas to see our film detailing some of the achievements in the lives of Ted Martinez, Mari-Luci Jaramillo, Vicente Ximenes, Graciela Gil Olivarez, and Julian Samora. Check out interviews, timelines, and photos!