Notre Dame Professor Emeritus Julian Samora, the first Mexican-American to earn a doctorate in sociology, passed away on February 2, 1996. Here is a sampling of the many articles and tributes that have been devoted to this pioneering scholar and champion of social causes.

Julian Samora, 1920-1996.
Richard Lamanna’s tribute to his colleague.

Julian Samora — ND Press Release
Obituary prepared by Dennis Brown of Notre Dame Public Relations.

A day in the life of Julian Samora.
Estevan Flores’s 1985 tribute to his former teacher.

Voice in the Wilderness: ND Scholar Devotes Life to Hispanic Ways
Rosemary Horvath’s profile of Julian Samora. Reprinted with permission from the November 10, 1990 South Bend Tribune.

Resolution in Honor of Julian Samora
Passed by the Notre Dame Faculty Senate, March 7, 1996.

The Julian Samora Research Institute at Michigan State.
The JULIAN SAMORA RESEARCH INSTITUTE is committed to the generation, transmission, and application of knowledge to serve the needs of Latino communities in the Midwest. Its home page tells more about its work.

The Notre Dame Institute for Latino Studies
Established in 1999, the ILS carries on the work that Julian Samora started. The ILS promotes the understanding and appreciation of the Latino experience in the United States through research, education, and outreach.

The Julian Samora Legacy Project
The purpose of this website is to make a new generation of students, scholars and community leaders aware of Dr. Samora’s many contributions to better the lives of Latinos in the United States. We also feature activists and scholars who made significant contributions to Civil Rights and social justice in the United States.